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In Three Stages

1st  Stage:
November 10 -21 2014

2nd and 3rd Stage:
July 7-18 2014

Since 2007 St Beuno's has offered the full Spiritual Exercises in three stages, taking 10 days each year.
This is an individually guided, silent retreat given in the manner of St Ignatius. Participants move through the meditations and contemplations of the Ignatian Exercises. Our aim is for participants to experience the 1st week of the Exercises the first year, the 2nd week of the Exercises the second year and the 3rd and 4th weeks of the Exercises in the last year. These stages give almost exactly the same division of the "weeks" of the Exercises as is usual when they are done over a full month. That is, we usually take about 10 days to get to the end of the first "week" of the Exercises and another 10 days to complete the second "week" of the Exercises.
Thus from beginning to end of the Exercises takes about 2 years and 2 weeks.

We began these retreats thinking they would be particularly helpful for those who cannot afford either the cost or the time of one month at St Beuno's in one year. However, we are finding that these retreats offer something of the best of both worlds: They enable each week of the Exercises interact with daily life. The second week's following of Christ can be done in part in St Beuno's and then completed in daily life. Whereas this retreat might not have quite the intensity of the 30 day experience, it makes up for this in its integration with life.

We attempt to keep the same retreat giver over the three year period, although with natural staff changes this cannot be guaranteed.

Because, unlike the full 30 days, this retreat doesn't have a lead-in of a couple of days we do suggest that you try to arrive as rested as you can.

As the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius was written as a book of suggestions for the guide (not for the retreatant) we don't encourage a study of the book before you participate in the Exercises. The original 16th Century text is more likely to put you off than help! The underlying dynamic is as helpful as ever based on unchanging human characteristics and the person of Christ, but each generation has to make adaptations to the presentations.

We expect participants to apply for this retreat with the intention of continuing the process for three years. The sense of the joint venture and companionship along the way is a significant part of the retreat, even though it is done in silence.

Offering for Retreat

To book please download both the Booking Form and return them to us with a deposit of £75

Spiritual Exercises in two 15-day Stages


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