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In Three Stages:     6-17 July 2015
                             13-24 November 2015

**Dates for 2016:   22 January - 2 February 2016
                             3-14 June 2016
                             18-29 November 2016
**Please note the Suggested Offering for 2016 is yet to be confirmed


These retreats are for those who would like to make the full Spiritual Exercises in a residential form but not as a full month away. The advantages of this method of making the Exercises is that there is time to take in each ‘week’ of the exercises and to ‘test’ them with the reality of everyday life.

Full Spiritual Exercises in Three Stages

For those wishing to make the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in three stages of ten
days each. These stages can be made in a
one year period or extended over a two or
three year period. The first stage includes the
introductory exercises and the First Week of
the Exercises; the second stage is the Second
Week; and the third stage is the Third and
Fourth Weeks.


*2015 Suggested Offering:   En-Suite: £715     Standard: £638    Simple: £572

Please note that your room preference may not always be available

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Spiritual Exercises in two 15-day Stages


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