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What do Jesuit Spirituality Centres offer?

Some centres listed on these pages of European Jesuit Spirituality Centres offer extensive and varied programmes of retreat from the full Spiritual Exercises of 30 days to single days of prayer and reflection. Some offer training in the Spirituality of Ignatius Loyola. Other houses specialise in youth or other pre-booked groups. Only one or two centres are open for people wanting to spend a night or two on holiday, most will only accept people who want to spend time in quiet reflection and prayer. Often a priest or other guide will be around if you want to talk over things.

If you need time away for rest, prayer and discernment, then many of these houses would welcome you. Most expect a contribution towards costs, many have a fixed charge, others suggest an offering. If an offering is suggested then if you can afford it, whatever you would pay for a days lodging in a simple hotel, hostel or guest house in the area would probably be a good guide.

Not all the centres listed have a regular programme or are open to the general public. If you want to know any more about a centre than given on these pages then please contact them directly for more details.


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I would also encourage visitors to the page for comments upon how to make the page more useful.

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