Our Outreach

Funded by the Catholic Diocese of Wrexham, St Beuno’s outreach helps to develop the spirituality and prayer lives of lay people through using the insights from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola.

For the last thirty years we have helped people to develop a personal relationship with God in Christ by praying with the Bible.

This outreach now runs about twenty-five ‘Prego’ groups, both across North Wales and by Zoom.

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Our ‘Prego’ groups

‘Prego’ groups are regular prayer groups led by a team of prayer guides trained in Ignatian Spirituality who meet to pray and reflect on the Sunday Mass readings. In Italian, ‘prego’ literally means, ‘I pray’ but is usually used to mean ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘thank you’.

Prego groups are welcoming, ecumenical and open to all, especially those searching for a deeper meaning in life. They meet weekly or fortnightly and are led by a team of experienced prayer guides from the Diocese of Wrexham. Group members are of different ages and backgrounds: retired people and grandparents, elderly people living alone, younger people and some ordained and lay church workers.

The prayer guide opens the meeting with a time of stillness and then slowly helps the group to pray the readings, generally using Lectio Divina or silent imaginative prayer. The group is then invited to share our prayer together, often in small groups. Personal intercessions then follow, ending with the opportunity to share briefly on how we feel.

We will continue with both regular face-to-face groups and Zoom groups when we can. The Outreach also hosts a WhatsApp prayer group with recorded reflections on the Sunday readings with a chance to share their own prayer intentions.