About bursaries

At St Beuno’s, we want to help people who want to come on retreat. The suggested offering is calculated to help to cover the actual cost of providing the retreat or course.

We aim to make it possible for everyone to attend our courses and retreats, whatever their financial situation. If you would like to come to St Beuno’s but the cost is preventing you from doing so, you can apply for financial support from our Bursary Fund.

We especially like to encourage students and people in their 20s and 30s who are trying to develop their spirituality and also making crucial life decisions.  We also want to encourage those who are in ministry in the Church or who work for organisations engaged in social and environmental justice and wish to integrate their spirituality and their work.

How to apply

To apply, please click below and complete a simple application form. This will be treated confidentially. Please apply for a bursary at least six weeks before the start of a retreat or course. We will take each application on an individual basis according to their need and circumstances.