Open to all

Some of the retreats at St Beuno’s are particularly suitable for people who are new to retreats or new to silence.

So a ‘beginner’ may be someone who has been a Christian for many years and is now looking to deepen their prayer, or it maybe someone who has encountered Ignatian Spirituality in their Church, chaplaincy or on the internet and is seeking more.

A beginner may also be new to any form of spirituality but is curious and searching for a way to explore and deepen their experience of God in a Christian context.

Step out of the everyday and into prayer

Retreats help someone to step back from their day to day lives; to step into a place of prayer and reflection and to step forward in their own spirituality. They offer some input on various ways of praying and reflecting and the opportunity to practice these in a conducive atmosphere.

On many retreats, spiritual accompaniment is also available so someone can talk to a spiritual director about their experience, exploring what it means and where it takes them.

Your relationship with God

At St Beuno’s, we hope that any retreat will lead to encounter with God, whether that is quietly in prayer, while walking or sitting in the garden, through the conversations in spiritual direction or in any other way that God becomes known.  

Of course, our relationship with God is not restricted to a time of retreat. Rather, a retreat can give a focussed time of prayer and reflection which deepens our experience and understanding of how God is present throughout our lives.

As we return from a retreat the experiences and insights can remain with us, they become part of our ‘normal’ lives, so that we more readily notice God’s presence and action in each day. This is what is meant by finding God in all things.