Written in honour of a very special woman, Gladys Engledow, who loved St Beuno’s dearly:

St Beuno’s became a reality for me in 1996. My dear friend, Gladys Engledow, who had been going to St Beuno’s since the 1980s, asked me to accompany her.

She had an immense love for that place, experiencing the presence of God in every part. She wanted me to see for myself what she had shared so powerfully in our little ancient Sussex church on her return from the retreats she made, including the Spiritual Exercises.

My director in 1996 was Mary Campbell Johnson. She took a very nervous, unsure woman and guided me with immense gentleness, putting my hand into the Lord’s hand.

This enabled me to experience in my surroundings -  the house, the chapels, the Rock Chapel, my dear Attica room, the countryside, the glorious walks over Cefn Du, the brilliance of nature, the silent fellowship of my fellow retreatants, the presence of God’s glory, such as I had never known before.

Gladys was known and loved by the St Beuno’s Community as someone who walked with God, and was remembered by them when she died in 2006 aged 101.

I was blessed that she took me to St Beuno’s all those years ago and started me on my own journey of retreats where the power of the Holy Spirit moves around me and within me and I am blessed.

I know a house where all are good to me.