Our new programme of retreats for the year will be starting in October.  This year we have decided to print a simple programme that we can use to promote the work at St Beuno’s. Rather than sending this to everyone on our database (8,000 +) who already know about St Beuno’s, we are hoping to put the printed programme into the hands of people who have not been here but might benefit.


Where you could help … 


We would like to send a handful of programmes to anyone who might be able to pass them on (to parish, community, friends) with a personal recommendation that St Beuno’s is a good place to come.  To that end, we will be contacting all the Friends of St Beuno’s by email to see if they are happy to receive perhaps 4 or 5 of these paper programmes to pass on - the number will depend on the weight we can send with a second-class stamp! The format will be an A3 page folded twice – just like in the old days for those who remember the St Beuno’s or Loyola Hall programme from 7 or 8 years ago. 


If you are happy to receive some programmes, we will ask you in the email to click on a quick survey and fill in your name and house number/name plus postcode (to make sure we have your current address). 


We aim to be quite targeted with these programmes, we particularly do not want to have little piles of them gathering dust on their way to landfill, or to feel like junk mail on your windowsill. So, if you would rather not receive any, please do feel free not to respond to the email at all.


With thanks

Ruth Holgate