Abandoned apples, avid ants

“Badgers only!” Bees bulge with butterfly’s breakfast. 

Contrast causes consternation, and clarity

I’m dust, but Imago Dei

Everything everywhere elucidating eternity’s echoes. 

Flies. “Forest bathing?”

Glorious! And glory be…

Holy Eucharist has me, holds me- unhindered by hurry. 

I’m inspired. Indigo irises. Imagine the intimacy: Immanuel and I! 

Jason jots about juxtaposed jerry-buildings and joyfully joining Jesuits. 

Known. I’m known!

Leaving there, larruped leaves leap lightly. 

Moving, momentously- then…momentary moratorium with mallow munching mollusc. 

No noise! Near me is ‘Eternal Now’. Notice 

Onwards! Over obstacles, to Offa’s Dyke - oranges onboard! 

Peace. Paraclete presents plentiful pictures of Paschal provision. 

Quietly, steps quickening, questions hovering, water quenching. 

Rustling. Resting. Being renewed. 

St B’s soil shows signs of searching squirrels…

Tame. Together, turned towards our Teacher. 

Undulating hills; I’m under ubiquitous unction. 

Verily! This vicissitude isn’t vexatious, nor me very verbose!

Willingly without words. Watching. Waiting. For wisdom from the Word. 

The xiphoid of your Spirit… xerox your son in us!

Yes Yahweh! You yell out your love; yesterday, yes-today and yes-forever! 

Zealots from Zanzibar to Zaragoza, Zagreb to Zarate seek Christ our zenith. 


Written while on retreat at St Beuno’s in October 2023