I sigh and say out loud, I haven’t done anything worthwhile today.

‘I don’t agree with you,’ comes a voice.

It’s been so dry and tiring, I protest.

‘Start at the start,’ he commands.

Prayer in the Woodland Chapel: I finished the story about John and found it had depth and meaning.

I met with my director, who agrees with me.

I have my lunch, then ask Mary to join me while I sew my tapestry.

And we talked of this and that, Mary telling me how she wove her son’s clothes and mended them.

Our needles went in and out, the colours shone in the sunlight.

I pause and say with wonder: Why it was such a good day, and please Lord, don’t say ‘I told you so.’

‘I wouldn’t dream of it,’ God laughs. ‘I’ll only think it!’

Before you go, the squirrel on my window was a very nice touch.

We all have days on retreat where there are doubts or tiredness.

But God is always present and there are no rules while on retreat.