I would like to pay my grateful respects to the memory of Renate, on hearing of her death in Germany last year.

I first encountered her as a silent presence in the art room and corridors and chapel of St Beuno’s, when I made my 30-day silent retreat. She always glided past quietly with her head down and eyes averted and yet somehow managed to leave behind an aura of holiness.

It was she who arranged many thoughtful artistic displays in various places throughout St Beuno's, which enhanced our contemplations.


Later, when I attended one of her much-loved art retreats, we seemed to be very much in tune with one another and my sense of her inner spiritual beauty grew. She was almost completely self-effacing but always seemed to leave one with the aroma of Christ, as if she carried his presence with her.


She will be much missed by many people, but our lovely memories of her will live on.


Sr Renate passed away at her community’s home in Strahlfeld, Germany on 12th Aug 2023. She painted her own memorial card for her funeral at a time when she was in better health and chose a text by Rainer Maria Rilke. It reads:


‘For blessed are they who never departed

and stood still in the rain without a roof;

to them will come all harvests

and their fruit will be full a thousandfold.’

Rainer-Maria Rilke