Silent retreat.

Hugging our coffee mugs

Staring into space


Being very serious

Avoiding other’s gaze

Sitting with lonely thoughts.


When a dog ran in

Racing round the room

Disappearing through a door


People looked at each other,

Smiled, made eye contact, laughed.

Canine humanity welcomed.


Silent retreat.

Is being with God so serious?

Walking in gloom not light?


A dawning of understanding.

In old eternal truth

Blessed happiness came


“I am God don’t try to capture, contain, control me –

liberate me so that you can be free.

Don’t blame me for your wrongdoing –

no more ‘God made me do it’, ‘God is on our side’.

Have time off from working -

don’t make lots of rules about having fun;

Care for the aged and infirm -

set the example then you’ll be looked after too;

Don’t murder, don’t steal -

neither property nor people;

Don’t tell lies to get your own way -

nor throw the blame onto others;

Remember, to desire more by casting envious eyes –

is not enjoying what you have.”


Silent retreat

Lightness of knowing

When the dog ran in.


Written while on retreat at St Beuno’s