I have been coming to St Beuno’s for Individually Guided Retreats (IGRs) since I retired in 2009, initially 5 days and latterly 8 days.  I have lived in a Jesuit run parish since 1986 and have been a member of a Christian Life Community (CLC) group for 17 years.  I now receive Spiritual Direction from Ignatian formed directors.


Beuno’s allows me to listen to God, especially on 8-day silent retreats.  As silence really penetrates, so I can begin to let God lead me, by listening.


I always attend the introductory tour of Beuno’s on the first evening.  The buildings change.  Equally importantly, different people show different aspects.  This allows me to discover different places to pray.  Over time I have been drawn to pray in different parts of Beuno’s.


Silence is challenging.  I cannot hide from God.  It has taken me time to learn how to use this gift of silence well.  Some IGRs have been superb.  Others have left me dissatisfied.  Persevering has taught me to trust in God’s love for me, with the ups and downs.


Being with others, in silence, has been powerful.  A journey with others.  Conversations on the last morning, over breakfast, and at Rhyl station, have stayed with me.  I have felt enriched by being, increasingly, with Christians of different denominations, and with people of different faiths and none.  God loves us all.


Lastly, I so enjoy walking whilst at Beuno’s.  The beauty of the countryside, in silence, is such a joy. I once heard Gerry Hughes speaking.  At one point he quoted a rabbi: “God will ask you when you die: did you enjoy my world?”  At Beuno’s I begin to respond, ‘Yes’.